5 certain ways to save your passport on travel

For most people travel is the association for beautiful events, meeting new cultures, relaxation and enjoyment. Still, unpleasant situations are also part of the traveling. One of the biggest inconveniences that can happen on the journey is the loss of passport. Instead of relaxed enjoyment, the journey turns into a real nightmare. Without a valid document in a foreign country, nor can you go back, nor can you continue your stay.

There are simple ways to save this precious document from loss and damage.

1. Make several copies

Lets start from a beginning, before you start your trip. We suggest that you make copies of your passport i.e. copies of pages with your photo and your full name and validate it. Recommendation is to keep passport copies in different places — at the bottom of each bag you carry on a trip or give a copy to your companions. Leave a copy of your passport at home or with your colleagues if you are planning a business trip.

2. Lock your passport in a safe place

Do not be fooled by beauty and luxury of the hotel where you are staying. Keep your passport in a safe box in a locked room or ask the hotel staff to put it in the hotel safe. If this option does not exist or you are staying in the hostel, make sure that you get a bag with a padlock.

3. Hide your travel document in a best way

Handbags that can be worn around the neck or waist are an excellent choice for keeping passports, money, credit cards and other important documents on travel. They can be worn under clothing, as well. You can protect your passport with special cover, which will also hide it well.

4. Protect your passport from damage

For most people the security of passports means prevention from loss or theft. However, the passport should be preserved of the impact of weather conditions. The greatest enemy for documentation certainly is humidity. In order to protect your passport from water damages, the best way is to keep it in a waterproof cover.

5. Get informed about your rights

Before you travel, the good idea is to find out when is really necessary to show your passport or not. Without a passport you can not pass airport security and passport control. But when you are in a foreign country and you are asked to identify yourself, often is enough to show an international driver’s license or passport copy. In this way, you will be protected from potential scammers, thieves and additional complications.

But if you still lost your passport, here’s what to do

Despite all, you lost a passport in a foreign country. Take this very seriously and do something about it immediately.

Travel agency bears no responsibility for lost or stolen document of passengers. So, you will have to deal with the situation on your own expense.

This is the usual procedure when losing passport on journey:

The first thing you should do is to contact the nearest police station, where you report a missing or stolen passports and receive confirmation about it. With that confirmation for lost document you need to go in diplomatic — consular office of your country. There you will get a temporary passport, which serves only to return to your country and has its own validity period.

If you copied first page of your passport before leaving that will significantly speed up the procedure of obtaining the new document, because you will have the number of the original document.

One additional advice is that before your journey starts you should inform yourself about risky places in destination you plan to visit and take additional precautions or simply avoid it.