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In my previous post, I boldly declared that I wanted to become a millionaire. Since then, I have been racking my brain on what was next. In all honesty, I got COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED. I didn’t know where to start or what to do next. And this was all complicated by the fact that I was facing some restrictions about what I was allowed to do (long story).

First, I decided that the best thing I could do right now is to make the most out of my current day job. …

Today, I decided I’m going to become a millionaire.

Why did I choose to do this? I wanted to show myself and the people around me that there is plenty of money to go around and that money is easy to earn. So I want to see what a normal 27 year old woman who has a 9-to-5 job could do to suddenly propel herself into the millionaire status.

Before I continue, I wanted to make a couple of points.

  1. Being a millionaire does not buy you happiness. I don’t want to think that all my happiness will come once…

One of the most common advice successful people dole out is to find good mentors. You often hear stories about highly successful people crediting their mentors for leading them on the right path that has led to their current success. A lot of people talk about a professor, a boss, or other successful people in their fields that they may have gotten to know through mutual friends.

Take Sheryl Sandberg as an example. Harvard undergrad and MBA graduate who went to work for Google before becoming the COO of Facebook. …

I’m an expert procrastinator.

No, really. I’m a top-of-the-class procrastinator and I have managed to craft ways to genuinely even trick myself into thinking that what I was doing was “prep work” for the action I needed to take. Reality check — it was just procrastination.

Due to this vice, I have become somewhat obsessed lately about the idea of propelling myself into action. This obsession started a couple of years ago when I was first trying to get a side business started. …

I have been pretty stressed lately.

My company is going through a lot of internal changes and the pressure is really high to perform. I’m also constantly mulling over my own entrepreneurial ventures and, of course, I have the vice of any type-A personality where I torture myself with an overwhelming flood of thoughts until I can’t seem to breathe. Then add on excessive business travel, too many obligations and engagements, and a lot of seemingly easy things that also don’t go your way and your stress is at an all-time high.

I was pushing myself really hard.

Pushing myself…

One of the main reasons businesses pursue content marketing is because it helps their website rank on Google search and that, in return, not only provides an immense amount of exposure but also builds authority for your company.

According to Smart Insights, Google had a global market share of about 74.54% in 2017. Really let that number sink in. If you want users to find you through a search query, you need to rank in Google. Not only that, you need to try your absolute hardest to rank on the front page. Infrontestimates that the first page of Google gets…

Content marketing is an investment into your brand’s future.

I’m always surprised when B2B SaaS companies, especially those that are just starting out and don’t have that much of a marketing budget, see producing original content as something that is unnecessary and superfluous.

But content marketing is kind of like investing in index funds. The earlier you start, the better due to the magic of compound effects. In the beginning, you might not see what content marketing is really doing for your business. You can’t tell if it’s actually generating leads or converting into sales. …

As we interact with companies and discuss content marketing, we’re constantly surprised by how companies define content marketing in such a limited scope.

So we decided to take the time today to write out a simple blog post highlighting what really is content marketing and how companies should be approaching content marketing.

When people think of content marketing, the first thing that usually pops into their head is blogging. And yes, creating original content on your blog is a huge component of content marketing but it’s not the end of the story.

How we at Beans Media view content marketing…

It’s incredible how little SaaS companies focus on their pricing strategy. A company’s pricing strategy is really at the core of everything they do. A company exists to make money and ultimately what can make or break you is your pricing.

But a lot of the times, SaaS companies set their pricing when they are just getting started and never look back. Even when they struggle to acquire customers or are suffering from high churn rates, they’ll usually first place blame on Customer Success Managers or the Support team for bad service or Marketing for bad positioning and messaging.


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