When a customer explodes

We’ve all been there. The point that you realise it’s hopeless. The point that you realise you can not get a satisfactory outcome unless you do one of two things:

  1. Lose your shit
  2. Walk away

However there is an added factor to consider with point number 1. In the olden days when we were riding horses, using phones with cords and reading newspapers, losing your shit didnt really matter. It was a tantrum barely anyone would see and therefore came with little consequence.

Nowadays with social media and sites with billions of daily users, we can lose it in some very creative ways and a get LOT of traction, with maximum impact. We (the customer) can really make our side of the story known.

So why is it that companies STILL burn customers? Why push them to the point, that it drives them to go to a very creative solution in letting the whole world know about their woeful experience?

Take this man who bought a Jeep and goes on to sing a very catchy tune that to this date, has just over a million views.

What’s 1 million plus people worldwide having:

“I, I, I bought a Jeep. I made a mistake and bought a Jeep. I, I, made a mistake and bought a Jeep. Don’t you make a mistake and buy a Jeep, yeah!”

being drilled into their head worth?

Betting it’s more than the price an amicable solution to both parties would have cost.


The social proof is in the pudding. Here are some top Automotive Sites and the level of engagement the story got on each.


Total Page Likes: 242,159

1016 Likes, 1056 Shares, 167 comments as of 13.11.15

Car Throttle

Total Page Likes: 1,855,868

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