Know What Is Covered In A Standard Home Inspection

A Standard Home Inspection in Greeley will cover the structural areas, plumbing, sewerage, ventilation, electrical and exterior conditions using thermal imaging.

Home Inspection is a term that is often confused with Home Appraisal. But the two are distinctly different and have different implications. Home Appraisal is the determination of the value of the property that takes into consideration several factors like location and neighborhood other than the property size and condition. Home Inspection is what concerns the assessment of the state that the property is in and the repairs that have to be done.

An in-depth knowledge

In fact, if you are about to list your property in the local real estate market, then it is necessary that you carry out a Standard Home Inspection in Greeley by a certified professional. This kind of inspection is focused on the performance of the home and its related utilities and not on its cosmetic appearance that can be fairly deceiving. It involves an extensive in-field inspection of each and every aspect of the property by way of a visual examination that experienced eyes carry out with care.

Certification on areas inspected

The process of home inspection is usually carried out on the primary areas such as the structure, exteriors, roof, plumbing, electrical, ventilation and insulation, heating and air-conditioning and fireplaces among others. Apart from using the expertise in accessing the conditions of the visual parts of the property, modern Certified Home Inspection also makes use of sophisticated instruments like the infrared camera that can look through areas that are not visible to the eyes.

Using latest technology

The thermal imaging of the hidden areas reveal if they are affected by seepage of water to give an idea about the extent of damage that has been caused. This is especially important for the structural areas such as the foundation, framing, base and the roof. The condition of the pluming lines, the sewerage and the overall drainage forms the next important item in the line of inspection. These are areas of major investment and will also determine the condition of the property.

Be on the front foot

The ventilation and insulation are relevant depending on the area as to where the property is located and directly related to the heating and air-conditioning systems’ efficiency. The walls, railings, countertops, cabinets and garage too are parts of the fine inspection process that will help in determine what needs to be repaired before the listing. Having the certified inspector’s report will surely put you on the front foot when negotiating the prices with your potential buyers.