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Bridging the Millix ecosystem and Ethereum network

Wrapped millix (WMLX) launch

On January 5, 2023, WMLX (Wrapped Millix) launched as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network fully backed by Millix. Through this initiative, Millix functionality and Ethereum’s decentralized ecosystem have been bridged, enhancing all decentralized applications. By leveraging the Ethereum network, WMLX enables new Millix applications and use cases.

Wrapped Millix: Defined

Wrapped Millix (WMLX) is an ERC-20 token. One Wrapped Millix (WMLX) is equivalent to 1,000,000 Millix (MLX).

A wrapped token is a type of cryptocurrency that represents the value of another cryptocurrency. It allows users to hold, trade, and transfer the value of a cryptocurrency that may not be natively supported by the platform they are using. Wrapped Millix (WMLX) allows integration of Millix into the Ethereum ecosystem. WMLX can be ‘unwrapped’ to redeem MLX on the millix network.

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Wrapped Millix is now available on Uniswap, MetaMask

Millix, a decentralized cryptocurrency built from the ground up using first principles of speed, scale, energy efficiency and simplicity, announced that wrapped millix (WMLX) is now available on Uniswap. Users of Uniswap will need to import WMLX as a new custom token by using the Millix Contract Address. Users can also trade WMLX on their MetaMask wallets when connected to the ethereum network.

Millix Contract Address: 0x77D0cb0ab54F9E74b9405a5B3f60DA06A78F1AAd

How to wrap, unwrap, and trade Millix

A User Interface for the bridge is available within the tangled wallet and millix client which mints WMLX and sends it to the Ethereum network via the Millix Bridge. MetaMask is the first supported wallet and Uniswap is the first Defi exchange. This article explains how the Bridge Agent works. (link) These videos show how to use the User Interface in the Tangled Browser and how to use MetaMask to receive and send WMLX (link to videos.)

Open Source and Auditing

The bridge agent code and smart contract are open source. Transaction data can be audited by anyone, including comparing the amount of Millix locked in the bridge address on the DAG to the amount of Wrapped Millix in circulation on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Millix

Millix is an open source, fully decentralized cryptocurrency project, designed for simplicity, and transacts at very high speed at very large scale. Millix is neither a blockchain, nor is it based on the ERC-20 (ethereum request for comment) standards. Millix is a directed acyclic graph, known as a DAG or a tangle. Millix is designed to have the benefits of a blockchain without the scale and speed limitations of a blockchain. To learn more about millix, visit


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millix foundation

millix is an open source cryptocurrency project. millix is fully decentralized, designed for simplicity, transacts at very high speed and very large scale.