Са којим циљевима грађани и привредници треба да ускладе личне циљеве?

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Како грађани могу да помогну држави у постизању циљева?

Као грађанин и привредник волео бих да сазнам који су наши циљеви као друштва и државе. Желим да помогнем Републици у остваривању њених циљева. Како тренутно стоје ствари, нисам чуо да се јавно прича о томе чему ми, као друштво, тежимо.

Ево неколико примера прокламованих државних циљева за које нисам сигуран јесу ли заиста циљеви Републике нити како могу да помогнем органима Републике у остваривању тих циљева.

Желим да напоменем да не желим да се упуштам у то да ли се лично слажем са циљевима и предложеним путевима до циљева, нити да дајем оцену колико су циљеви и предложени путеви до циљева добро или лоше за грађане и привреду. Желим искључиво да схватим шта су циљеви, који је предлог путева за постизање циљева и како грађани могу да помогну. …

Како побољшати органе Републике Србије гледано из угла странке органа Републике, било физичког било правног лица

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Врх извршне власти: Грб Владе Републике Србије

Уопштено говорећи, предлог решења је увођење Упутства за поступање са странкама којим би обавезани били сви органе Републике на свим нивоима и у свим ресорима.

У наставку је описано неколико општепознатих искустава при интеракцији са органима Републике и предлог потенцијалних решења.

Добронамеран и позитиван однос према странкама

Врло чест дојам када имате посла са органима Републике на било ком нивоу, у било ком ресору, је сумњичавост службеника према странкама. …

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. — Albert Einstein

Running product and engineering teams in a multicultural distributed startup demands efficiency. At ProDeal, we try to increase efficiency by avoiding issues that can be avoided, and by skilling up. And we apply this philosophy to communication and security.

As the Head of Technology, I’m very much concerned with both communication and security.

In this article, I’ll focus on the former — communication.


Wait… I’m Confused?

People have expectations, they misread, they assume. Very human of us. That cannot be avoided.

What we can avoid is complicate, talk hypotheticals, make things complex, talk in terms that don’t mean the same to both you and me, etc. …

In a word, talk to your colleagues about your work on a consistent basis.

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Let’s Define Some Goals.

  1. Realize what are your direct boss’ immediate needs and issues.
    What is troubling your boss? How is it like to be in his shoes? Can you be a step ahead of your boss’ needs?
    This will help you concentrate on what’s important for the person who can influence your career.
  2. Understand your company.
    Realize how your job and the jobs of other people fit into a grand picture of your company’s operations.
    This will help you concentrate on the important things for the company.
  3. Give advice and ideas for free.
    If a colleague is struggling, try to help them with advice. Don’t do their job instead of them, but be unselfish about giving them examples or ideas on how to tackle a certain task.
    This will leave an impression of you being knowledgable and a team player.

My list of rules for formal communication.

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  1. Make sure you’re communicating what you are trying to communicate.
    People are coming from different perspectives. Rethink what you’re about to say or read what you wrote once again. Try to see if one can understand your words in a different manner than what your thought is.
  2. It has to be concrete and to the point.
    People lose attention fast. Often the best thing is to start with the point and then lay out the reasoning behind it.
  3. Don’t start communicating if you’re lazy.
    In order to successfully communicate your idea, you need time (or rather a certain amount of words). Sometimes an idea can be really simple but the number of words that you have to use to communicate that idea is large. Don’t be drawn into communication by the simplicity of an idea you’re trying to explain. …

There must be solely one responsible

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Make Things Happen

When you have a task, you don’t want to give the ownership of it to more than one person.

Let’s imagine that you and I have been given a task. If you don’t take the lead I certainly could behave the same. Our manager obviously doesn’t care who’s going to complete the task as long as it is done. But who’s to blame if the task is not successfully done?

I’ve seen this scenario dozens of times. …

Bookmark that displays all unread emails in your Gmail with a single click

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Just add the following as URL to your bookmarks:

javascript:window.location.replace(window.location.href.split(‘#’)[0] + “#search/is%3Aunread+in%3Aanywhere”)

You can leave the Name input box empty to save some space in the bookmarks toolbar.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Organization (a black-and-white story)

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Let me layout the essence of this argument right away.

When talking about decision-making authority, horizontal organization works only if the people are highly trained, experienced, self-organized, self-motivated and selfless. Vertical organization works in all other cases.

It should be evident that the organizations that can be structured in an horizontal manner are very few in number.

Let’s dissect this a bit.

The metrics for an organization performance can be narrowed down to the following:

  • Efficiency and productivity (monetary cost or the amount of resources needed for the work to be done)
  • Creativity (innovation, finding new ways to do the…


Miloš Mihajlović

Head of Technology @ ProDeal https://www.linkedin.com/in/milosmih/

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