Definition of Success

Success is actually very easy. Its just a matter of mindset to want to pursue the success. Some people find that success is so near their reach and they would do whatever it takes to finish the last mile. but most people , like me, think that success is too far fetched and gave up easily thinking it’s too hard but it’s actually just right in front of them.

I am indeed in a whiny mood now and I do realise that articles in medium are by successful and motivated people. Let me, a whiny, typical self entitled generation y girl gives you some perspective on what’s going on our mediocre minds.

After reading medium articles for so long, I find that there’s a pattern to it. Like I mentioned, it’s by successful people, people who know deep in their hearts that they’re going to be successful and they’re motivated by it. For me, I get riled up every now and then and then make plans that failed abysmally, like my new years resolutions. Joining a toastmasters group because there’s a claim that if you can master public speaking, you can earn 3x more. Oh hell yeah I want that and I research for toastmasters group in my region for a good 1 hr before losing interest and my insecurity and procrastination finally wins over. Signing up for yoga classes because I want to have a hot bod like yogi masters and to lead a healthy lifestyle because medium authors highly recommend it to be beneficial to my mind and health. Gave up after my groupon deal ends and have been munching on chips and fried chicken ever since.

Its not like I don’t know that I have to be motivated. But how? The best motivation is intrinsic motivation and it also comes from a feeling to better improve oneself. I am pretty much satisfied with my life. I have friends and family who love me for who I am and I have a decent job that pays me well enough to pursue my interest and passions (if I managed to find out). Why would I be motivated to improve when I feel like I have already gotten the best of what could be?

Does this mean that being satisfied will kill the drive for improvement? Or maybe I’m misinterpreting the meaning of success? Success is not being the top in your industry with a super high salary. Success could be just you being contented with yourself.

Oh hey, I think I am a successful person then!

P/s, I wrote all these lying on my bed with my pjs on my xiaomi phone, within 20 mins, trying to drift off to sleep. Coherence, logic and grammar are not to be expected.

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