Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Wasted

When I was in school, I was whining about losing my entire weekend because I was concussing in bed, catching up on my much needed sleep. I told my friend, “Shit, lost the entire weekend sleeping. I was supposed to be cool and out hanging out with friends and partying. Ended up holing at home, snoring”

She turned and told me this nonchalantly:

Time you enjoyed wasted is not wasted

At that point, I laughed and nodded wholeheartedly, while always remember this quirky quote that stuck to me as I grew up through my teenage years.

Now, that I am much older, with a little bit of life experience under my belt, this quote has given me a whole new meaning. What it meant to be is to care less of people’s opinions, to spend your time exactly the way you want it.

Often reading many self-help articles, everyone said to go for the things you like. To follow your passion, to open a cafe, to travel or to be a farmer. The examples given are always cool, always enviable. The bragging rights that it gives can allow you to overlook the income that you’ll be receiving.

But what if, you yearn to be a rubbish collector? Or a prostitute? Jobs that are generally on the ‘lower spectrum’ of the society, where everyone snubbed you and would definitely not want their children to end up as, being Asian parents or not? Could you still be above everyone and follow your passion?

Let’s face it. Human beings are herd creatures. We all would like to be accepted by our peers. Can we really forgo everything and truly believe that ‘time you enjoy wasted is not wasted’? We are always told not to waste time and do something productive, climb the corporate ladder, earn more money or save the Earth. No one told us to slow down and smell the roses. No one said its okay to concuss on my bed after a week of going out for studying, socialising and making new experience.

It could be high time that we give ourselves a break, let us do some seemingly useless activities. These are the very activities that allow me to take a break, clear my mind and recuperate me for the marathon. Ah, the very joy in life.

Now, I am rambling rubbish on Medium as usual where everyone else is writing big articles on how to advance your career and why Trump is winning the hearts of so many people. Me, I am just wasting my time, writing my nonsensical thoughts out.

I like it this way too.

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