5 Tips to Throwing a Truly Super Super Bowl Party

Originally published at www.milofy.com on February 4, 2017.

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, couples everywhere are planning pigskin-themed parties. If you and your S.O have a Game Day get-together in the works but are running short on ideas, don’t throw in the towel! These quick and easy tips will make your party a roaring success for football fans and foes alike.

1. Have Everyone Bring Their Favorite Fun Food

While you and your S.O may love to chow down on burgers and loaded nachos on Game Day, some of your guests may crave different types of treats. Especially for those who are on strict diets or who have food allergies, Super Bowl parties can be dietary land mines. For this reason, have everyone bring something special. An added plus? You’ll get to try new munchies that you probably hadn’t considered serving as party fare.

2. Football-Themed Don’t Say It

Before the party gets started, pick a word that no one is allowed to say –“point,” for instance. Then choose a fun penalty for people who speak the forbidden word. Perhaps they’ll have to do a shot of fireball whiskey or run outside in the cold singing a Katy Perry song at the top of their lungs.

3. Don’t Forget the Kids

If you or your friends have kids, don’t forget to set up something special to keep them entertained. Otherwise, you’re going to hear, “Mom, Mom, Mom, Dad, Dad, Dad!” right as your kicker is lining up for that all-important field goal. Set up some awesome craft supplies such as colored paper, scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, glitter, stick-on googly eyes, and stickers. Put out kid-friendly games. Don’t forget a folding table or two so the little ones have an area to spread out.

4. And Don’t Forget the Adults Who Don’t Like Football

Every Super Bowl party has them — the guests who would rather shove toothpicks through their eyes than watch football. There’s no reason they can’t have a great time, too. Set up a table with a deck of cards, a board game, and an adults-only game like Cards Against Humanity (assuming no one has kids or that they’ll be out of earshot). They can play away while everyone else is shouting and booing during the game and then join in with watching the commercials.

5. Build Your Invitation List

Maybe you’re mega football fans who would like to hang out with other couples who are gridiron gurus. Or perhaps a knowledge of every team who has ever won the Vince Lombardi trophy isn’t a prerequisite, but you want to invite couples who really love letting loose, laughing loud, and having fun. The best way to meet couples who enjoy the same things you do is through Milofy — the app that connects like-minded couples so that they can hang out and go to events together. Even if you and your partner are rebels who are throwing an “I Hate Football” party on Superbowl Sunday, Milofy has you covered. No matter what you love or hate, we’ll help you create your couple squad.

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