Last night
I dreamt it was
for war
and we all lived together
in a rich person’s house
that we’d taken over
after they fled to
and we never left
our base
our new home
without arms
and buddies
and plans
and the knowledge
that we wouldn’t all
be coming back.
I saw some of us
die on the streets.
When we went 
at night
we mourned
our fallen friends
and we wept
and we feasted
and then
we took off our kevlar
and put on nice clothes
and we fell in love.
We took each other on dates
and told each other
that we were beautiful
that we were worth
fighting for
dying for
and we kissed
and held hands
and slept next to each other
before the sun rose
and we went back out
to fight the good fight.
I like to think
if the revolution comes
if I have to learn 
how to shoot
how to run
how to kill
that I won’t forget
how to tell you
that I love you.

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