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I can’t make this sound as non-offensive as I mean it to be, but I feel like you’re getting upset at how boring and bland a fresh canvas is. Also all white and so on. You have *a* solution in your own article, and there is another you just barely fail to grasp at.

You can customize! There’s a case for that. There will continue to be, those infinite designs to attach and expand upon the common skeleton are how those thousands of artists and visionaries have a chance to express themselves and spread their art without breaking the benefits of commonality amongst chargers, software, and essential repair parts (although that angle could use some improvement…still waiting on the FairPhone).

The second part is that if one wants to have their own rude art piece (I love the way you characterize that, by the way, you really got me to feel what you meant, and I agree) you can make it so easily these days! I know not everyone has a 3d printer or access to one and expertise, but those days are coming as fast as the monotony you warn us of. It will end up being not-difficult, in fact it is probably already fairly easy to fabricate one’s own attachments, cases, maybe even replacement housings.

A browse session on will give you hope again, fear not!

Apple is giving us common nucleotides, we can ribosome them however we want to.