1. (On Configuring Print)
For me this shows simplicity on the surface but diversity in the core.
For me this painting shows balance in society. no matter who you are or what you are it is never impossible to achieve balance or equity.
For me this shows how simple Filipinos live. Yet its simplicity is also its beauty.
For me this painting is saying that no matter where you look… if you dont know what you’re looking for then you will be lost.

BSP did a great job showcasing these beauiful pieces of art. And just like any other museum, i think they just wanted to promote art as an important part of our heritage.

2. (On the Philippine Contemporary)

Shows beauty in its true form.
Shows diversity in its finest. The abstract art shows differences in every aspect of life.
Reminds us of history. The dedication of the Katipuneros that lost there lives in helping us win over Cavite during the Spanish invasion
Shows that studying art is a art as well.
The plastic bags filled with bricks show lack of self content… why burden yourself when you can always let go of what ever is pulling you down.


The National museum was definitley bigger than the met musuem but it doesnt mean that national museum was better than the met. they are equally beautiful. When i visited the Met Museum there was no people except me and my blockmates. we got to enjoy the art and we actually enjoyed interpreting the art works.

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