Automated Job Scheduler for Maritime Indutry

Striking up any of the domain and inspecting its facts and issues very closely and deeply, the major part of its woes can be easily solved by broad range featured Workload Automation Software.

To craft the visions of mechanized brains and to speed up the slow manual process plus to invest the time and brain of productive resources in materialistic tasks rather than banging their heads in fixing the schedules of employees and again rescheduling and continuously figuring out the loopholes in it, Automated Job Scheduler came to rescue.

Importance of job scheduling doesn’t lie just to the doors of big offices or infrastructure or enterprises, it even has equal importance in security or freight or marine verticals, where multiple schedules are run at a time and number of tasks are performed keeping in view that any of the employees are not kept on bench if the task is pending.

Even the free schedules and hierarchy of positions are taken care of before assigning the task. To manually maintain each and every small stuff and minor shift changes is terribly headache process for any resource or hr management. But automated job schedulers with minimal features can completely heal the pain. Further enhancement or more functionalities in a single solution is always a boon to management.

Pluses of Automated Job Schedulers

1. Improvement in Efficiency & Productivity

No wastage of excessive timing and energy in making the schedules and no major investment of managers time in viewing each timeline and then streamlining the jobs, resulting in more efficiency and productivity by saving laborious hours.

2. Forecasting Schedules

Preplanning is always a good habit. The monthly or weekly tasks and duty schedules are already notified to the employees so that they can plan their work and other activities accordingly.

3. Organized Staffing Information

Appropriate management of the information and necessary details of all the employees all together in the system and only accessible to the authorized persons or users.

4. Remote Access

Complete system can be accessed from their phones or laptops or tablets so that any log can be updated at any moment remotely.

(Above mentioned pros can be obtained from any of the job schedules developed with basic functionalities, even further more functionalities can be added upon based on requirements)

Miscellaneous Functionalities

Messaging Alerts — Regular messaging alerts, or any update broadcast or modification in the job schedule alert or vacant time job availability message

Report Generation — Timely reports on the resources and tasks allocated with a proper business intelligence report. It helps admin to change the panel if the ratio of profit varies or is affected — up to mark statistical report.

Leave Management — Employees can update their respective leaves in the list itself and the concerned high-level authority is updated regarding the same via notification so that the alternative can be assigned to the task.

Unavailability Status — Employees can even acknowledge their available and unavailable status for overtime or extra duty hours.

Email Notification — For any of the modification in schedule or up gradation in the schedule, email is sent to the concerned persons in the hierarchy.

Swap Request — A rare feature. Some enterprises allow the internal swap to adjust the leaves. Algorithms are implemented in context with predefined protocols to allow the swap of timings or duties.


A number of domains already uses the system with multi-functionality, let me put a light on the basic system that can be used in marine industry.

For shipping the products or even other consignments,

● Appropriate schedules for the crew is generated at regular time intervals

● Shifts are generated automatically based on crew posts availability and want

● Swaps and overtime are even calculated

● Wages and Leave management

● On-time as well as in-advance schedule creation

● Reports of each consignment with relevant Work log

The system can surely have many more features then I mentioned based on needs of the client. (Mentioned are just the basic ones, which can be customized)

TatvaSoft seasoned team has so far developed many such job schedulers in combination with add-on features on different platforms and implementing various technologies, looking forth for your queries and to provide worthy answers and solution.