Know how to multiply your Revenue and User Engagement

An objective which is always on hype and rolling around almost all of the business minds is to generate handsome amount of revenue out of the online solution and make sure to reach the maximum number of users through it, to serve services and to stay in persistent connection for trust building.


So far, the most common tactics used were to develop a mobile app or web app or at times both. It surely gave mind-blowing results with a strong impact on search engine optimization, content marketing, product & service marketing and much more to be in a constant interaction with valuable clients and customers.

Unquestionably we sway to newest trends and also adopt new designs with the mobile responsiveness and agile loading speed but to render more ease an add-on is also necessary.

I am no way betokening towards the topic of mobile app vs mobile web or not even on which is more beneficial, rather I am putting a light on the astounding and stunning updates in the App and Web world introduced by Google.

Always there is a Thought behind any Tweak

Google doesn’t lack behind in any of the sectors and keep on nurturing each of them by introducing the new updates or bug fix versions. Akin, it introduced an update for web apps to give look n feel similar to native apps — Progressive Web Apps. Even for the native app users, a new update came up for faster reviewing an app without downloading it called Instant apps.

Both are shareable by Link — A common purpose of both updates

Android Instant Apps — Quick Reach to App directly from Web

Android Instant Apps let Android users run apps instantly, without installation. Just a tap. Fast and beautiful user interfaces with high performance and great capabilities are at your fingertips. It is designed same as the Native Android app without the hassle of downloading and occupying the space in your phone.

It is available in the latest Android Studio version — 3.0. 500 million Android users now have access to instant apps across countries where Google Play operates. More are soon to get it.

Remarkable Outcomes of AIAs

  1. Vimeo increased session duration by 130% compared to native app
  2. Conversion rate increased by 27% of Jet by adopting instant apps for shopping platform
  3. Instant apps of NYTimes Crosswords have 2 times the number of sessions per user with a more effective acquisition, conversion, and long-term retention and more user engagement
  4. Dotloop, a real estate transaction platform, increased their key metric with a 62%increase in users who sign a document.
  5. For Onefootball, the number of users who read news and share content increased 55% with AIA.
  6. has doubled the number of leads per property listing details pageview.

Progressive Web Apps — Rapid view and access to the content

To consolidate speed, app-like experience, offline usage, and no need to download anything, progressive, highly-responsive, secured, discoverable, Google introduced this update and the innovation brought a change in the engagement with the user as well.

Lets say — Stay updated with News or Sports score while travelling in flight.

Other major features of PWA -

  • Push Notifications
  • Can work in offline and online mode
  • Icon on the home screen
  • Faster Speed
  • Receiving intents
  • Can be launched in full-screen
  • Clipboard access
  • Very sleek, smooth UIs with 60fps animations

Surprising results of acceptance

  1. Flipkart drove 50% of its new customer acquisition with PWA
  2. Pinterest core engagements increase by 60% with 44% increase in user-generated ad revenue
  3. BookMyShow’s PWA takes less than 3 seconds to load and increased conversion rates over 80%
  4. Forbes’ PWA impressions per visit are up 10% with loading speed of just 2.5 seconds with 2× increase in average user session length, 6× completion rate, and 20% more impressions.
  5. Ad clickthrough rates increased 3 times on Wego’s PWA.
  6. Twitter Lite saw a 65% increase in pages per session, 75% in Tweets, and a 20% decrease in bounce rate.

Digits clearly exhibit that the woes are lessened and the expectations and profit rates are progressing.

A Debate

Something new, with similarities and divergences, always lead to the hot Gossips and Debates amongst Tech Geeks.

Yes, I am raising a point of controversy amongst PWA and Instant Apps.

Basically, they can’t be compared as counterparts or strong competitors of each other, as both of them are utilized for same purposes but on different platforms. i.e. to boost up user connection, ease their woes of downloading, increase the monetary amounts, connect even at fluctuating internet speed.

Likewise, feature list of both are:

● App like interface

● Online & Offline usage

● Amplifying loading speed

● To access basic version, no need to download

● Shareable via link (Easier and Faster)

● Creates an icon on Home Screen

Worthy Choice for Branding and Marketing — PWA or Instant Apps?

App or web is the very real consideration for them who are seeking for an online presence, but for marketing and branding with AIA or PWA or both — can only be answered by looking into the major crowd approaching you through which platform and how strong your presence is in it, along with the enterprise domain.

Such concerns can be solved with a simple answer.

If you have app base, go for Instant Apps development, else Progressive Web Apps as it doesn’t have the constraint of browsers, it supports all — Chrome, Firefox and Opera and Microsoft Edge is in the process of developing support. Safari is soon to be added to the list.

“Progressive Web Apps and Instant Apps are indeed Game Changers of Mobile Experience.”

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