Getting dragged into IT

This is my first ever blog post and here I would like to share my experience so far and how I changed several technologies I have been using throughout my professional life.

In the beginning, as many of us start IT career, I was repairing PC configurations, starting with my own. It was really long time ago, the time when Internet was not publicly accessible, and the way to share documents and information was copying to floppy disks and then handing over to someone to copy it back to their PC.

That was the time when catching a virus was easy if you didn’t write protect floppy disk. That was exactly what happened to me. Viruses were very destructive at that time. They were designed to damage your hardware among the other things they were doing. When that happened to me, I needed to fix that problem myself as taking my PC to service was not an option. As mentioned above, Internet was not publicly accessible hence, information about virus, what it does and how to clean it was not easy to get. At that moment, books were the only source I could rely on. So I bought one that gave me so much information about hardware architecture that slowly lead me to effectively diagnose problems an hence fix most of problems I could come across.

As a high school pupil, that skill provided me with some more pocket money and I was so happy for that. after a while, I bought a better PC and that “opened more doors” and launched me to the stars :)

Up until that moment my only goal and interest about further education was electrical engineering but, that was no longer the only interest. More and more I was focusing on how to combine electrical engineering and IT so I started with designing electrical currents using computers, analysing performances, and finally printing out PCBs and soldering components into an functional devices.

That was all fine but after a while, my first job offer was something that dragged me into IT. In a blink of an eye I got myself into PC service shop. That was interesting for a while but then, my interests started to evolve into another direction. From that moment, data and manipulation with data started to be more and more interesting. I realised that true power lies in data. That was a breakpoint in deciding the course of further education.

Electrical engineering faculty sounds really good, but at that moment faculty of Science and department for Math and IT sounded more reasonable so I got myself a seat there. After 4 years of hard work, I finally graduated and not surprisingly got myself a job as a Database Administrator.

That was as close to data as I got the chance and the moment. That was all fine, have been working on some really big projects for several banks in the country. That gave me great experience and overview of what it would be like if I stayed on that position for next 10–15 years and I did not like what I saw.

The next job was somewhat similar to previous except, I had some coding involved on day-to-day basis. That was more like it! That was the position I stayed for long 5 years and I enjoyed it massively. I gained experience, knowledge and finally frustration when hitting the wall every time I tried to do something new and innovative but was not by strict corporate rules even though that would help company and customers would benefit from it. I had no ear for that and so accepted an offer to work for an startup that would save me the trouble of having so many rules and being able to focus on work and stimulate my creativity.

That was perfect match between data and programming. Programming was something that was taking me under its umbrella more and more as days go by. There were endless ideas and the sky was the only limit. I had great time working with all people I had a chance to meet, learned a lot from them, hopefully contributed to their tasks and transferred some of my knowledge and experience. The time to say good bye has come and now, my path is completely different than I imagined years ago.

Now I see myself in mobile app development, specifically iOS mobile development. There is a new language i need to learn, so much different eco system I need to adopt and yet another technology to be learned.

This is how I see the technology is going to be evolving as well. We are going to be using more and more mobile devices but we need data to feed those devices and applications. How I see my future is that I will use my previous experience with backend systems and use technologies waiting to be learned and create great apps helping others in need of data they will acquire using them.

In texts to come I will try to be more specific about what I used during all these moments in my career and how this all led me to where I am at this moment.