Don’t Count America Out
John McCain

Dear Senator McCain,
Only a strong America can save the West. Morals and integrity have been eroded and destroyed by the selfish groups which have stolen from the little people in the West everywhere. This ubiquitous corruption has allowed the scourge of today to rise,IMHO.
Your speech sounds good on the surface but it is “ empty eloquence” with errors in thinking and deception in words. Your colors are now showing openly that you believe in the One World Order, which is not to the benefit of the little people who were the ones who survived throughout the eons of time to develop into the most superior specie in the animal kingdom.
Unfortunately , One World Government ideas do not coincide with the American ideals of sovereignty today. You had your chance (Btw, I did vote for you..) but you lost to an even more deceitful personage who has sent the world into Holy Terror, thereby establishing the ensuing crises of today. Yet, you side with these very people who want to enslave mankind.
Your vision of the “West” is not what President J.F.K. envisioned, nor is it what President D.J.T. envisions, nor what Americans want more than ever today. We Americans want real freedom for ourselves and for the peoples of the world. We also want real leaders to fight the enemies of Mankind in thought and deeds.
Instead, it has been business as usual for years. It is now time to pay the piper. Either we do or we don’t. Get this, it’s the little people who will stop the deterioration of the West because they want a return to true morals , honesty, and directness, as witnessed in our own election. “Change your thinking and the world changes. “You are a US Senator. It all starts in Our Congress, with good will.
The West will survive and thrive again once the not so hidden chains are off. That is already happening…Good luck in whatever you do…We are watching.
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