We think way too much

Are You Not Successful at things that you do? Even the small ones…

Do You always Snooze that alarm?

Do You start fast and end even faster?

If yes is your answer, you and me can be great habit buddies.

So why I came to write about this is, I want a change. I am literally fed up with the life style that I have been living, the hectic work schedule, the sleepless nights, the chores and the boring weekends.

I want to be free.

This is the inner voice that you are hearing. And this not the first time it came out loud, in past I have tried too many things for the “Awakening ”… all went down the drain though.

So there I am sitting and thinking what kind of life I am going through?

And I realized , I was practically just going through. Just counting my days. And I found that it might not be long before the count may end abruptly.

What I thought as a count starting from zero was actually a count down timer to zero.

So as every other last time I tried, I again started the soul building process. But this time with a difference.

To make the impact I needed some different approach.

If you are parking in a tight place, your approach decides how many times you would have to reverse to park correctly and not to be one of pictures of douche-bag parking series on the internet.

So the approach has to be proper, not that reversing is bad, its just correcting you steps, but it takes time.

And on the scale of life that time is measured by a count down timer.

So I need to be very meticulous about the approach.

And I traced down to 3 things that had to be corrected for better life ahead.

Thoughts | Discipline | Implementation

These 3 things are lacking within me, not exactly lacking but not inline with what I want to achieve.

I won’t bore you with what I want to achieve and what you should achieve. I am just going to write down things that I am trying out and learning about.


Too many Thoughts

For my whole life I have been hearing how positive thoughts can help? And how negative thoughts can ruin?

And I said, Who would want to ruin their own life? not me. And I have no time for these negative thoughts. And that was end of it.

I was happy that I had no negative thoughts.

But what are exactly negative thoughts. Well no one told me about it.

And does absence of negative thoughts mean I have positive thoughts.


I was, so what are negative thoughts.

So I did a small, simple, everyone can do experiment.

Took a candle, lit it up and sat focusing on it. For the purpose of meditation.

Keep reading its not going to be boring, I promise.

And I kept staring at the candle flame, focusing, trying not to think of anything but just watch the flame, the beautiful golden yellow flame with slightly blackish core.

The soothing warmth of the flame, focus….. focus…. focus

I remembered that some 2 years ago, I had commented on a news, on social media and I mixed up the spelling of mettle {I wrote metal,instead} and someone unknown corrected me.

You might have felt that I missed to write down some paragraph. Did you?

No, I didn't. That was exactly what I though while I was focusing.

Now that’s what I qualify or define for me as a NEGATIVE THOUGHT.

So negative thought is not some thought that can hurt you or is about bad things you imagine about you but are the ones that have no value in terms of my current life.

And as I continued on with the candle and meditation on day to day basis, I realized how many such devalued thoughts are there in my mind.

And if you are not aware thoughts consume energy. Read this article for more details

So now I know how much energy I waste throughout the day on thoughts that earn me nothing.

So if I am able to eliminate these unnecessary thoughts I would have more than enough energy for the thoughts that can change my life.

And I have been trying it for a month now, my life is better than earlier.

I have started taking baby steps towards my goals, I am not that refined yet.

But I now know that I think way too much than what I require or can control.

I am also experimenting with Discipline and Implementation and will write a separate article on each of these.