A smile that changed a kids life

I’m not a professional but I am human. And being human means that I feel , see , and comprehend the value of a smile.

I recall the first time a smile impacted my life. My father had me and my brothers move around city to city much growing up. We had just moved to a new location all the way across the country. And with a newplace to live comes a new school to attend. The first day I attended the new school in the area always starts with a visit to the principals office and then get your assigned teacher. The key moment that as a kid you never get used to was walking into a class room full of new kids all eyes in you and I was a new face or new kid on the block. The kicker was that as soon as I walked into the class through the door, the first eye I caught as I was escorted by the principal was the teacher. When I was introduced to the teacher, she gave me the biggest, warming and welcoming smile any child would want in an uncomfortable situation.

The next smile that changed my life was when I was a late teen and my face was clearing up from a bad spout of acne. And when I took a picture and I realised that my acne was cleared up and I gave the biggest smile I’ve ever given and I still use that same smile to this day. That smile has given me good relationships, my wife and great opportunities in life.

I don’t know all of the science behind the impact of a smile but I can confirm that a smile genuinely given will alter the course of your life in any area.

Do me a favor prove me wrong, genuinely smile at every one you come across for the next 48 hours and see what happens to you and what can happen for the other person. Hey if you feel brave give a genuine compliment to top it off.

Be contagious,

Coach Milton