It’s Not what it seems.

The first time I ever played the sport of American football, I was clueless, out of shape and didn’t like pain too much. If I said that was the end of the story I’d be lying.

What others didnt see on the inside was my drive to get better every practice, every game. They didnt see that I was committed to succeed way before I ever stepped on the field and put on that helmet.

Life is never what it seems it’s a beautiful mixture of broken expectations and unbelievable experiences. SO can we really know what the future or turn of a thing or person is.

What we do with our life is largely based in what we perceive.

Your expectations, your perception is the greatest divide to a fullfiled life. Milton Herring

The bridge we seek is truly our perspective and there are ways to enhance your perspectives for a better life.

  1. Associate with uplifting like minded people
  2. Surround your mind with optimistic talk
  3. Give generously with out expectation of something in return
  4. Take positive steps toward a greater why or purpose in life.

Work on these things and you will experience the words , “it’s not what it seems.”

Coach Milton