Hard Times Are Temporary — Just Like the Rain

By Kenny, a junior at MHS

The first time I heard the song “Can You Stand the Rain?” by New Edition, I was very young. I never really understood what the song meant until recently.

When I was younger, my mom was a single mother and there was never a father around to help her support six kids. There was always a negative to this lifestyle, especially when she barely had time to do her own things or work extra shifts for more money. She was stressed a lot of the time, and she would manage her stress by sitting in the living room, folding clothes, and listening to music.

As soon as the song “Can You Stand the Rain?” came on, that’s when she would stop everything she was doing, put down the clothes, and just close her eyes and think about everything.

The theme of the song is that times can be hard, but it’s never good to quit. Hard times go away just like the rain does.

When I worry and I’m missing home, I listen to that song. It reminds me of my mom, brothers, sisters, and our good memories. When the memory pops into my head of my mom relaxing as she listened to that song, I realize the tough times are only temporary. I stop worrying and continue with my day, trying not to think about the hard times and not letting them control what I do.

Originally published on mhskids.org.

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