Is Your Cup Full or Empty?

By Marrika, a junior at MHS

You never know how good or bad a situation is until you’re out of it.

Enrolling at Milton Hershey School was a paradigm switch for me. Looking back at the situation I was in, I realize that being in my hometown of Reading was like jumping off a crumbling stepping stone to get to the safe place that is MHS. I went from hearing police sirens to the chimes of Founders Hall’s bells.

At home, I viewed myself as a cup half empty. I saw myself as a girl who was unattractive due to the darkness of my skin. But after coming to MHS, I met my best friend who indirectly taught me to love my complexion. I made myself a better “me” by being down-to-earth and true to myself and others around me. At MHS, my cup became half full.

On campus, my self-love and self-acceptance has grown. Back home, I never loved myself like I should.

I’ve also learned how to concentrate my anger. I used to take my frustrations out on teachers and peers, but later, I would regret it and know it wasn’t the way to live.

Music has become one of my biggest stress relievers. It’s a gift and one of the best presents I could ever receive. I see everything with a different and deeper meaning. When I hear a song I like, I research the meaning and I’ve begun to do that with my friends, schoolwork, family, and opportunities. I’ve learned to enjoy life and what is has to offer.

At MHS, I wake up to a better outlook on life — there’s so much out there to see, touch, and feel.

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