Inspiration Ebbs

inspiration ebbs life coach katie milton

As the title suggests, inspiration ebbs. And I’m smack dab in the middle of it. And yet, I’ve promised myself to work on my 200 Crappy Words project and so I’ll give it a stab and practice my Camino video questions.

What happened this week that you really liked?

I am doing so much work at the moment on so many different projects I’m having a hard time even remembering what happened this week!? (Has anyone else felt this way? What can I do to improve?) Let me review last week’s calendar *opens iPhone*

  • I got a new client! And I’m really enjoying working with her on increasing her income, heightening her reputation in the community, and having her practice booked 30 days in advance. (Are you working on any of these and curious how I can help? Email me for a complimentary discovery call.)
  • I got 2 dozen organic cage free eggs delivered to my house! And now the local farmer lady is going to come every other Tuesday! (Side note: How did my life in Mexico have so many damn chickens and no eggs?!)

What happened this week that got you excited?

  • I had lunch with a Salesforce colleague in San Antonio and he shared some creative ideas and lucrative opportunities with me that made me excited to continue working on a Salesforce project for a client.
  • I also had the transmission drop out of my 2002 Land Rover as I was driving down the road and that was exciting in a very stressful way.

What has you feeling a little anxious?

  • I had a heart to heart with Hubs the other evening and he wants me to consider making some amendments to my Camino plan to include some time in Madeira, Portugal with him. I’m anxious because I’ve been planning this bucket-list adventure since January and the thought of changing my plans so dramatically this close to my departure date (44 days left!) makes me feel anxious. Stay tuned to find out the final call!

What rewards are you celebrating?

  • My Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Training is coming to an end (7 months of study!) and I graduate next Saturday, July 22, 2017! AND this past week I filled out an Expression of Interest application to go on for my C-IQ Master Certification. Fingers crossed I will finish 2017 as a C-IQ Certified Coach! (Interested in learning more about C-IQ? Email me so I can answer your questions.)

What are the next steps?

  • My next steps have to do with diving into a new level of financial mastery. I’ve been working very diligently since the beginning of the year to uplevel my finances. The expenses of continued C-IQ education, the Camino, and now a broken transmission will require I get strategic about how cash flows during a tight time.

What are you L.E.A.R.N-ing? Share below so that we can celebrate and support you!