The Same 7 Questions I Always Ask with Ali Rittenhouse

life coach katie milton interviews Ali Rittenhouse digital diva on life and business

I recently had a chance to catch up with Ali Rittenhouse, Digital Diva and Online Marketing Coach, at and had a BLAST getting her responses to the Same 7 Questions I Always Ask. Please join me in giving her a warm welcome! I’m excited to hear the insights and perspectives that Ali has to share. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Katie: Please finish the sentence: If you really knew me, you’d know _______.

Ali: If you really knew me you would know that while my online appearance seems very extroverted, in real life I am pretty introverted. I have a very outgoing personality but I still am pretty reserved. I like the one on one stuff which really explains a lot of my work.

Katie: What are you currently learning?

Ali: I am currently learning how to be a better storyteller. And how to connect with my audience, so that they, as you said, can tell that I’m transparent. But I want to have a better connection and maybe be a little bit more inspiring and action evoking in my storytelling. I am trying to not overwhelm people. I am trying to break it down into its simplest form so that people can take action and do the things that they REALLY want to do.

Katie: What happened recently that excited you?

Ali: There are so many things! Pivoting off the storytelling piece, I recently had a really big project that I was working on locally in video storytelling for a million dollar company and they LOVE what I put together so far! It’s not finalized yet but just getting the approval of the content we shot was definitely something that made me feel exhilarated! I went in feeling lack because it was such a high-value company. I wondered, “could I do this?” So, getting the green light to go forward was very exhilarating.

Katie: What has you feeling a little anxious?

Ali: Professionally, I am taking away things that I’ve been doing in business for years in order to make new room for expansion within my self for other things I want to do. It has me feeling a little anxious because although the things weren’t necessarily making me a lot of money, they were things that filled my time. And now the new projects and how to fill that time has me feeling a little anxious. I am basically limiting myself to make room to work with people on a deeper level. I work with a consulting agency and limiting the work I do as a filler. For example, I did a radio show that I had to prepare content for but didn’t get paid for. It was great community exposure. But, not having those projects anymore is opening all this free time! I want to make sure that I’m mindful in filling it. I thrive on having a packed schedule. Does that make sense?

Personally, anytime that anyone expands and grows whether it is personal or professional, there is anxiety that comes with it too. You ask yourself questions like, “Am I good enough? Have I been doing this long enough? Can I tell the right stories? Can I connect with my audience and grow it in a way that I didn’t before?”

And it has been 11 years for me. There should be a definite, “ya, you know your shit!” feeling but I think it is just natural that we are always asking ourselves these questions. I think it is good because it means we’re not too cocky or confident. Because whenever we step into a big role and feel cocky you’re not looking at the big picture. You have more tunnel vision when you’re too cocky.

Katie: What rewards are you looking forward to?

Ali: Not working all the time! Being able to take a sabbatical. And have “working all the time” mean just Monday — Friday; although I do record my blogs on the weekends and it works that way. I’m excited to get back into my YouTube. I want my blogs to be recorded during the week.

I’m excited about the reward of getting rid of the work I’m anxious about. I want to have that open time to do more for me. My business for so many years has been created off supporting other businesses and growing them and the reward is that I’m finally focusing on the growth of MY OWN business. I want to be able to have more free time hopefully with my daughter next summer and to be able to travel abroad for a couple months!

Katie: What are your next steps?

Ali: Next steps for me in business, outside of stepping up how I work with people, are putting together my first book!

I can’t decide, I have one kind of mapped out focused on not letting your past define your future. I believe that is probably what is going to be the first one. This is really outside my comfort zone because as I said, I do better with video. I really feel called to write a book because when I was first starting my business as a VA, I went through a training program. And after my final exam, they told me that my grammar and writing was atrocious and I would never be published for my writing. Which is completely untrue because I’m on Huffington Post and E-How and the book is kind of like, Wow! And all of the other VAs from my class are no longer in business! I am literally the only person still left in business and they were very derogatory to me, the founders of that business.

Katie: Please share one parting piece of guidance to wrap up.

Ali: The only time you fail at anything is when you completely give up. You are always going to take missteps and not make the best decisions, that is a given. But it doesn’t mean that if something wasn’t successful that it was a failure UNLESS you throw in the towel and absolutely give up. When something doesn’t go as anticipated, it is about pivoting and finding how to make it better. Instead of creating another program and completely giving up on this idea, see how you can perfect it to make it successful rather than giving up on it.

Katie: And where can we find you?

Ali: I am internet whore, Katie! So, you can find me everywhere! I love Instagram and Facebook, those are great for conversation! But you can get on the A-List and join other A-List entrepreneurs at

What question do you have for Ali? What insights really stood out to you in this interview? Continue the conversation below!