Our Country Award given during the Open Summit event in Spain

A big thanks!

Few months ago we were awarded as the best Uruguayan FinTech by BBVA in the Open Talent competition. It was not only an honor but also a stamp for our startup, a stamp from a one of the biggest bank in Uruguay!

This prize opened us many doors, while gave us the opportunity to spend a week sharing experiences with other startups. Startups that are shaping the future of the finance, becoming a lighthouse in the darknes of obsolet mindset. I wanted to share some insights of being a week with this amazing people.

“Enhorabuena por todos los logros conseguidos hasta la fecha. Tenéis una solución muy interesante y validada. Llega el momento de acelerar el crecimiento, poniendo foco en marketing y ventas.”
BBVA Open Talent Team

This year BBVA organized the 10th edition of the biggest fintech competition in the world, which has already served as a platform for startups from over 80 countries in previous years. The competition looks for the most innovative solutions to transform the financial sector.
More than 900 startups participated in the competition, which selected 29 startups that included the finalist of BBVA Open Talent Award, the winners of BBVA Fintech Business Awards, and the winners of Country Awards.

All this startups shared their experiences and their path to success. Despite every startup are from different markets and solves different problems, all of them shared the same spirit and willignes. Knowing every person behind every startup was an amazing experience, and feed me not only with knowledge of business and markets, but also with energy.

The time I spent knowing each of the entrepreneurs, the moments we shared even tired to death, was maybe the best of the event. It gave me more energy than anything else. Their stories more than their startups!

At the end, the #ImmersionWeek, #OpenSummit and #Networking were awesome in many ways. Now I’m back in Uruguay, working hard in putting everything in place to move forward. I can’t wait to see all this energy again, somewhere, somehow.

If you want to know more about us, please visit our platform at micheque.uy. Feel free to contact me anyway if you want to know more.