What’s is Trump’s Deal? It’s Simple, Really

Milt Shook

A lot of people seem confused as to what Donald Trump is doing with all his public proclamations, Tweets and everything else. Really, it is actually quite easy to figure out. He has been doing this since the first day he rode down the escalator to his first speech. Of course, that strategy did exactly what he wanted for the Republican primaries, although it didn’t do much in the 2016 general election and it is unlikely to do anything good for him going forward.

All of his rhetoric is for one purpose only. He is desperately trying to shore up the “deplorable” side of his “base.” (Seriously, has there ever been a better description of Trump voters than “base”?) It’s all he’s ever done in his political career. He found a “base” that was stupid enough to not just vote for him, but to adore him, and he is desperately trying to do everything he can too make sure they continue to like him. This isn’t about politics; this is about a large 70-year-old child who has a desperate need to be liked. He has almost zero self-esteem, alongside a narcissism that is undeniable. That adds up to an ego that is absolutely unrelenting. With approval ratings that have been well below 40 percent for most of this year, he knows he’s screwed, politically, but again, this is not about politics.

During his campaign, Trump was desperate to appeal to those people who started talking about him as a potential candidate years ago. I remember going to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity back in 2010, and about a block from the main stage was a small-but-determined band of rednecks and deplorables-to-be, who wanted Trump to run in 2012. Seriously, they could have fit into the cast of any movie about hillbillies and dregs, or really, any film with an ignorant horde. I didn’t think much of it at the time because no one was going to beat Barack Obama for a second term, anyway. Hell; no one in his right mind could imagine that Trump could win the Republican nomination back then. In other words, we underestimated just how broken the GOP was.

Anyway, if I noticed them, I’m sure Donny noticed them and started corresponding with them. There is no telling how many poorly-spelled emails and crayon-written letters Trump received over the years, but it had to be enough to make him think he had a chance. But Trump is a billionaire who lived in a penthouse in a Manhattan high-rise, who has never worked at an actual job in his life. How would he be able to talk to the average redneck “deplorable,” or relate to them on any level?

Enter the world of right wing talk radio. That is where everything he says, does and Tweets comes from. And I don’t mean the hosts; his bullshit comes from the CALLERS. I’d recommend that you listen to an hour of some of these shit shows, but I wouldn’t do that to anyone I liked. Besides, they don’t really get all that many callers anymore. Contrary to popular belief, talk radio is practically dead, largely supplanted by podcasts. But if you were to listen to the callers, right after they say, “Megadittos, Rush,” you will immediately recognize everything they say as being part of Lord Donny’s Twitter feed.

The first thing you should know is, far right wing redneck callers to these shows don’t actually care about any issues. They only care about one thing, really; “pissing off liberals.” They don’t care about abortion; if they did, abortion would be illegal by now. They only “care” about abortion because they love how it puts “liberals” into a snit. They don’t really care about Planned Parenthood, except that threatening to shut it down and calling them an “abortion mill” makes “liberals” apoplectic and they love that. When Trump talks incessantly about the NFL and NBA, it’s not because he thinks anyone is really upset over the “disrespect;” his “base” can’t stand People of Color and, in their mind, every single NFL and NBA player is Black. Carefully listen to what he says; he talks about the NFL owners as if they’re the NFL PLAYERS’ owners. He talks about how much money they make, and not about any social conscience issues. You will never hear Donny talk about black lives mattering because, if he did, he would lose his hardcore “base” in a heartbeat. While it’s not fair to claim that every Trump voter is racist, it is absolutely fair to say that pretty much every hardcore racist is a Trump voter.

It’s the same with the “Wall.” No one, likely including Trump and the GOP, believes a wall will be built across the length of the border with Mexico. In fact, I have a feeling, if you did a study of Trump’s “base,” you’d probably find that even they don’t believe a wall will be built. It’s the same with coal jobs; everyone in their right mind knows coal jobs are never coming back, anymore than we can count on the return of the town blacksmith or the village cobbler. The jobs that went to China, too, are never coming back because consumers love getting a pair of kids’ shoes for $10 and a spatula for $1 and manufacturers who market those things can’t possibly sell anything so cheap if they make stuff here.

Everyone with a brain knows this and Trump and the GOP doesn’t have the guts to be honest with anyone about this. The only people who actually believe Trump can build a wall and bring jobs back and bring back the coal industry are the “deplorables” in Trump’s “base.” Or not. They may not believe it, either. However, when they claim all that stuff is happening, it makes “liberals” crazy and that appeals to them greatly. Like I said, a right winger’s entire life is all about making liberals mad and they love nothing more than watching us scream in horror as their heroes screw us every chance they get.

That’s it. Trump gets his “marching orders” from the deplorable callers to right wing talk radio and he loves watching them get happy when he makes “liberals” crazy with his proclamations. They don’t care about Jesus, they don’t care about morals, and they don’t care about anything important. Hell, they don’t even care if Trump does nothing in the White House except sit around and pull his pud. They don’t care if they get a tax cut. They don’t care about repealing Obamacare. They actually largely do believe ink climate change, if pressed, and they want something to be done, as long as it doesn’t cost any jobs. As much as they love the oil industry, they would love to put solar panels on their roof and not have to pay the local electric company. And let’s be clear; they really don’t care about gay people getting married most of the time. And they privately hate that Roy Moore put them in the position of having to vote for a child rapist, but again, they are more concerned with pissing off liberals. That is everything to them.

As long as Donald Trump is “president,” the far right redneck “deplorable base” knows liberals are apoplectic, which makes everything else irrelevant. And that is why Trump is so bad and why you can’t expect his core voters to EVER dump him.

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    Milt Shook

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