What I am proposing does not in any way involve “banning” or “censoring” or government intervention.
Refusing to Tolerate Intolerance
Julia Serano

Further down you mention Medium’s policy of deleting “the most vile comments”. This fits one definition of “censoring”: “To remove objectionable content.” (Wiktionary)

And I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I guess the word “censorship” got a bad rep from 1984 and Cold War propaganda, but the reality it expresses is rather mundane… or say, ranges from the mundane to the sinister. As often: it’s about context.

Maybe it’s a word worth reclaiming?

As it stands, the contradiction is rather blatant to me. Paraphrasing you closely: “i don’t propose anything involving censorship in any way… the worst comments on my pieces were deleted”.

Anyway, thank you for this. Sober and luminous as always!

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