10 Times Dope Captions Drove Social Engagement on Instagram

Jul 10, 2018 · 5 min read

Written by Kiara M.P.

Instagram is a great social media platform to use in order to push narratives and drive conversation. Wildly popular for being visually based and giving its users the ability to post up to 10 pictures at a time, Instagram gives its influencers the ability to post compelling images that can spark emotions whether they’re positive or negative. This week, we took the liberty of rounding up some of the best captions that drove social engagement and sparked a conversation. Continue reading along for more.

  1. TheSkimm (Original Post)

“Growing a B is hard. Some days we feel like losers. A friendly reminder that if you tried… you already won. Now try again. #SkimmLife #startuplife”

TheSkimm is a news site that sends emails every morning giving you briefs on current events. Since TheSkimm’s target demographic is millennials, this caption is perfect for those of us growing our business who may be feeling down when things aren’t going our way.

2. StudioMucci (Original Post)

“I try not to hide when I’m falling apart. I don’t want to pretend anymore… Perfection is an illusion that can only be admired from afar. I’m sharing my truth, mess and all, because I want to be accepted for my brokenness just as much as my beauty.”

Amina Mucciolo, known for her obsession with rainbows and her glowing positivity on Instagram, opened up to her followers this week about how not every day in her life is happy and bubbly, and she too can have bad days. This created a discussion on her page that allowed followers to open up about their bad days as well.

3. R29unbothered (Original Post)

“Embrace Black #queer love. #R29Collabs: @eromaticax x @refinery29”

Refinery 29’s Instagram dedicated to black millennial women embraces black queer love, something that isn’t represented as much in mainstream media, for Pride Month.

4. BlackGirlInOm (Original Post)

“Honesty is a process, and should happen in your own time. Yes, your expression of identity can be found boldly and loudly, but there is also pride in discovering yourself in the quiet.”

In an era where we can be surrounded by constant noise, whether it’s from the television, or notifications of apps, the mindfulness influencers of BlackGirlinOm remind us to sit in silence to learn more about yourselves.

5. Serena Williams (Original Post)

“🖐🏿 days until #Wimbledon🍓”

Serena Williams posted this on her Instagram earlier this week to let her fans know that she’s counting down the days until Wimbledon. She was not able to compete last year due to her pregnancy, but will be back this year and is ranked 25th despite only playing in three tournaments in the past year.

6. Terry Crews (Original Post)

“Almost time to testify before the #senatejudicialcommittee with @amandangocnguyen to promote the Sexual Assault Survivors bill of rights. @risenow.us”

Terry Crews has been opening up about his sexual assault and become more vocal about his activist work for survivors. His openness and vulnerability allows his fans become closer to him and give them a space space to talk about sexual assault, and how we can fight the stigma amongst men who face it.

7. StrongBlackLead (Original Post)

Earlier this week, Netflix dropped a commercial featuring 47 black actors and actresses to celebrate diversity in film and television. Their Instagram account, StrongBlackLead, did a good job of continuing the conversation of diversity in film and television, and how it’s not just a trend.

8. Karamo Brown (Original Post)

“THIS IS AMERICA. #HappyPride 🇺🇸💜💚💛❤️💙🇺🇸”

A member of the Fab Five from Netflix’s Queer Eye, Karamo Brown is known for bringing the “culture” to the guys they make over on the show. Here he is showcasing the beauty of America with his cast mates Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, and Tan France for the month of Pride.

9. Viola Davis (Original Post)

“Met you with bad credit and skepticism about love. Found you and it all fell away.”

Viola Davis shows us all how to celebrate love (romantic or platonic) that stands the test of time, and ups and downs, especially as you work to build your career.

10. Alex Elle (Original Post)

“over the past few years, this has been my mantra. this week, i am really leaning into these words. i talked about my journey and evolution yesterday on my podcast (@theheygirlpodcast). listening to it today, revisiting my past, unpacking my story and intentionally deciding to prepare for joy, reminded me that i am not monolithic. i am ever changing, always learning, forever growing, wilting, and blooming. we all are.”

Wellness influencer Alex Elle gives us mantras to use in order to give ourselves the courage to continue the work that we have done so far, and how to find the strength within to continue going.

What were some of your favorite captions on Instagram this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Kiara M.P. is a brand designer from Richmond, Virginia, specializing in copywriting and digital content. When she’s not writing, she enjoys going to concerts, visiting national parks and Yelping about her favorite restaurants.


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