Sky Blues

Moving delicate fingers round a saucer they go you looking on down. I’m trying not to cry to see you this way so broken hurt the world has put shackles on your feet and now you daren’t move. Let me take you maybe somewhere nice where the ghosts don’t follow us and the treacherous sword of divinity halts its play. For you are the beauty the brave complex one. Remember at school how we used to hide we are still hiding and we are still running from this godamn crowd. If we want we could go, to the sea walking in slowly feeling the cold of the ocean see the mountains across over there, holding hands a breeze tells us to move faster we are dragging our feet. Waves come crashing over us our hair is wet our clothes soaked the seaweed on our feet feels like a foot massage we keep walking being thrown unsteadily now we are neck high here comes a big wave to take us away.