Hotel de Bordeaux, Paris

If you have ever taken pills to try to end it all, you will know it doesn’t work. Neither does pills with alcohol because you might end up vomitting all those nice little yellow pills into a bucket. So, how did Whitney Housten die, in a bathtub, after taking some Xanax and booze? And what about Heath Ledger..a bottle of pills found next to his side.? I think some are meant to outlive others. I mean..look at Keith Richard(s). ?

I really believe that we all have a time limit. Or maybe a past life with a time limit. Because the stats don’t make sense. One person’s fill is another’s dying day. In the 50s and 60s it was easier to do yourself in..their pills were not properly tested hence lots of deaths; Nick Drake: anti depressants. Janis Joplin: booze and who knows. Jimi Hendrix: booze and pills. Jim Morrison: Heroin. The strange irony here is that Heroin is actually better for you than booze and/or pills put together. H is an opiate. It calms the system, turns you into a lovely boat floating down the stream. Booze makes people aggressive, and pills just knock you out for a few hours.

So next time you’re thinking about hurting yourself, don’t bother. Go see a recommended good doctor who may just help you lead the way to regain some sense of who you are and give you a little happiness.