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This guide is designed to help new users navigate through our platform at once it has been launched.

Below is a series of screenshots detailing various functions on each page. If at any point you feel confused, unclear, or have some comments or found errors, please message us on Discord.

Welcome to Mimic!

When you first visit Mimic you’ll arrive at our landing page.

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Currently, video streaming experiences are primitive, heavily centralized, and typically routine. YouTube and Twitch take a huge percentage of streamers’ donations (sometimes up to 50% or more). Live streamers make hours of content but it only ever gets seen while they’re live streaming. There is very limited interaction with fans. Almost zero customization. Huge fees. Ugh…

Let’s start over with a new way to stream videos. Firstly, we need to change how platforms ‘pay’ their talent. Live streamers should get 100% of their tips and be able to receive it in a variety of currencies.

It’s your money! No platform…


Decentralized Video Streaming

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