“The only reason to vote Democrat is if you’re tired of winning!” Donald Trump exclaimed to a triumphant MAGA crowd at a Kansas rally this weekend, mere minutes after the confirmation of his second nominee to the Supreme Court. And unlike a lot of what he says, there’s some real substance to that. Republicans control Congress and the White House, and Trump is doing what he promised his base he’d do as president: cement a conservative Court for what may be decades to come. Complete the devil’s triangle, you might say. …

Statue of Liberty in watercolor, via public domain.

History doesn’t repeat, but it sure does rhyme. Twenty-seven years ago, Anita Hill soberly testified against Clarence Thomas in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee to stop his appointment to the Supreme Court. He had sexually harassed her when they worked at the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee, she reported, but the most powerful senators in office insisted that Thomas had been falsely accused and framed Hill as a woman scorned. In the months and years following his confirmation to the highest court in the land, further evidence suggested that Hill had told the truth and Thomas had lied under oath…

U.S. Supreme Court Building. via Architect of the Capitol.

This summer, Americans have looked on as the composition of the nation’s highest court shifted further to the right. Some are gleeful — this is what they’ve been waiting for. They voted for this. Others are wondering just how the hell we arrived at a moment in which the Supreme Court is capable of rolling back decades of civil rights progress.

Will we be talking about the 2016 presidential election until the day the world ends, a final chorus of reasons for Trump’s win competing for the top spot as fire engulfs the Earth? It’s not unlikely. There are quite…

Mimi Eisen

Writing on American history education, race, law, and civic literacy.

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