I write to remember feelings and senses, to recall important moves that I and others make; to file ideas and live forever. Pouring my mind free of all love, hate, violence and document things through the valley of life that we all live. There is never once a dull moment; pages and pages of surprise seeping through the air that we breathe. Escaping constant restraints and setbacks of the inner circle, that pull us closer and closer to “normality” — These are the fundamental ties of Bandura’s ‘Social Learning Theory’.

I should make this part clear now. Most of the writing that will occur will be based on the pros and cons of design- mainly digital (I am a child of the nineties…), and whether it is possible to identify what good and based design actually is. I am a Recruitment Consultant based in digital design tech city, surrounded by masts of design and endless digital hubs. It is impossible to turn your head without something or someone brushing past involved in online design, I think every dating app I've ever had I've matched with a designer and everyone I seem to talk to nowadays is somehow involved in design; online or offline. — If I was a designer I would not touch offline, brochures, posters, business cards, outdoor banners etc.. After the millennium I thought that would all instantly fade and we would all be robots. Maybe I got confused with the Year 3000 and maybe Busted were right.

I think it’s fair to say it’s difficult to recognize what good design is for the simple reason that is — designers are artists. You can’t compare Peter Blake and Jackson Pollock. And, as a Recruitment Consultant what gives me the right to judge a designer for their portfolio or lack of? As I look at other employees of the same company, and sometimes fail to see the “magic” in their work I am constantly asking myself what is good design and how can some designers allow their portfolio — a representation of themselves- be shown to the world when it looks like that, more notably, how an employer can employ them yet expect a design goddess who is a “jack of all trades, can also do the research part of UX as we don’t have a researcher and we would like them to be hybrid and be 50% UI and 50% UX design. If they can code that’s also a bonus…actually yes make sure they can code as we need someone to help with front-end as we are working on a lot of projects. But JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. No complicated stuff…” — that’s at least three different roles. ‘Good’ designers are hard to find anyway but to find an absolute jack of all trades….hmm.

So I've decided this is the state of transition, we are slowly evolving and turning into a superstar digital realm where if it isn't online, it isn't really necessary.

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