Manolo Blahnik: Art Work of Genius

Manolo Blahnik, the founder of Manolo Blahnik, a legendary gentleman.

He was born in Spain, from strict tutor, was well educated. In Geneva, he had to learn the language and art. His parents wanted him to become a great diplomat, but he was determined to become a designer. In 1968, he came to Paris, and began his journey of designer. Today, he is the greatest and the most famous shoemaker of the world. The shoes he designed are elegant, flowing with sexy lines, and are the focus of thousands of women. His heels were known as: high heels will stir up the passions.

In 1970, when Manolo took a trip in New York, he met the chief editor of US Vogue — Diana Vreeland. He can’t to wait to show Diana his fashion design. She gave him a look, and said: “ Young man, do something, such as accessories, such as shoes.” She admired the shoes he designed and advised him to focus on designing footwear. Manolo followed her advice. From then on, shoes art opened its door to him.

In fact, the key of his success is his passion in the shoes. He starts from every little thing. Sketch, design, production, measurement, tuning, every little step was put in his hard work and his love of shoes. He produces shoes, takes care of them as they are his children.

It’s hard to imagine that he is 73 years old now. Incredible is that he looks like 50 years old! Not like other successful entrepreneurs and co-founders look old, he still is a gentleman, very fashionable. According to British press reports, he only sleeps four hours a day. Even during the Christmas holidays, he designed, painted item concept map of Spring 2017 footwear. Effort is the reason of his fame. He also collects sketches of shoes from overseas, pays attention on the entire production process. He would not only stay in front of the computer in the office, but also go the the factory, touch, watch…

When one has no talent, he has to work hard and has passion. He said in an interview: “ as long as I can pay the rent, I can promise my speed will be worthy of this rental, I can do it…” When a British reporter asked him what’s the secret to lasting success? He smiled and said: “This is a mystery. I just keep on doing things that I love to do.”

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