I’ve been accepted to Hackbright’s full-time Engineering Fellowship! YEEEAAA!! I’m so excited and super relieved. Classes start end of May!

This was my second time applying to the program. The first time was in October 2016. Back then, I had enough knowledge of Ruby to complete practice problems and code challenges. That’s about it… And that’s why I think I didn’t get accepted the first time. So, I took Hackbright’s part-time Intro to Programming course, learned loads more and then reapplied to the Engineering Fellowship.

Ever since I started learning Ruby and Python, one of my biggest take-aways has been: Don’t give up.

I know, it’s kind of cheesy and simple. But, it’s also a hard lesson to learn. I feel like we are all being taught this lesson over and over. With computer programming, the lesson shows up multiple times a day. I regularly remind myself that 99% of the time, you don’t solve the problem on the first try. So, just give it your best shot, assume it won’t work and know the error messages will lead the way to a more complete solution.

Don’t give up. Acknowledge your frustration or take a nap or eat some chocolate or do all three. Just, don’t give up. You’ll get it eventually. And, it’s going to feel AMAZING when you’ve cracked a tricky piece of code. When this happens to me, I jump up and down and sing non-sensical songs like, “I’m the beeeest. I’m the best. I’M THE BEST!” to the tune of “Head, and Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”.


Remember the last example problem I used? This one:

I’m going to focus on this example problem for the next few posts and really break it down. Today, I’ll add comments to briefly explain each line. Comments are like notes developers leave each other. They’re indicated by hashtags. I prefer to leave my comments above the line of code I’m talking about.

Is this a little unclear? No worries! I’ll clarify each line of the solution in my following posts. This problem used to intimidate me, too.

There’s more to come! Thanks for reading!