Keep a notebook, any notebook, whatever size you choose. It won’t be a journal. It won’t really be just a check list. It becomes your personal portable project manager: for work, life and all in between.

Here’s a novel idea for the explorers:

Work. Jot down your long-term projects so you won’t forget or neglect them, and you’ll always be mindful of the due date. List the things that must be done. For example: steps in an project. Ideas for growing your business that need be on the backburner for further considerations. Novel professional development ideas. Etc.

Life. List dream destinations, or a plan of your next trip. The things you want to build, or draw, paint, or write. The exotic meals you want to make.

In between. New ideas to explore, topics to read, research and ponder. Your ideal daily/weekly schedule. Personal goals. Life hack ideas. New words. Chapters in a really massive book to cross out as you read them. Beautiful proses or poems to hold close at heart. The books on your shelf that you haven’t yet read.

The notebook becomes a collection of checklists that never runs astray, and always stays nicely organised at your disposal.

You can have all this in a digital device, or a physical portable book that never needs recharging. There’s something magical about a physical piece of writing that can never be replaced by any piece of technology.

You’ll find many uses for a notebook. The possibilities are endless.

You may already have one.

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