On Bill Maher’s House N*gger
Ejike 🇳🇬

I would recommend you start with Ice Cube’s ignorant remark in that “Black People own the word Nigger.” I mean really-”NWA”. Hello?? That’s some racism. If you really don’t want to hear it, then performers like Jay-Z need to quit rapping the word and using it ad nauseum. I don’t listen to filthy words in music and glare at anyone who plays crap calling women ho’s etc… Blacks, such as yourself, love to catch and chastise someone not Black who grew up with that word and uses it in a joke, reference to history, literature, and so on. As a recovering Southerner, I am mortified at how awful the south is just from reading Kentucky or Georgia news about prejudice. I am a female that worked in a hostile work environment towards women, demeaned, degraded and these were my customers for Corporate. Unspeakable behavior and actions. Quit being a victim and don’t act like Blacks are the only one living with social injustices. Bill Maher had 3 different people on the show who were African American to apologize for something you hear in The Color Purple, or read in Mark Twain. People labeled me and I was a duck- let it roll and pick a battle worth fighting- If i am called a slut or any of the dozens of words that denigrate my gender, I ignore it and the person. And before I walk away I tell them they are ignorant for being so common. I would have said the same to Ice Cube to disassociate themselves from using a racial slur against one another. That is just dumb as hell. You want to see Social Injustice, I invite you to Arizona to see children snatched out of school for being Hispanic. My husband teaches Special Ed. Get some Perspective folks- blacks aren’t yanked out of school in front of the classroom like Hispanics. Can you imagine your child having to suffer that humiliation among their peers only to be sent back to Central America b/c their parents escaped El Salvador or Honduras? All lives matter, and you have a choice whether or not to immerse yourself in hate. I chose not

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