Education Is So Far Left, It Can’t Really See the Right
Frederick M. Hess

Trump: “and I am proud to announce Two final points about the Department that many in my party feel should be a state issue: Education. First, as of Februrary 1, 2017, the entire operation of the Department is being related to Birmingham, Alabama. We need to diversify the federal government geographically as well as in all other ways. We will see if this Department can turn its great vision into equally great birth-family-course-of-life-breaking education.

Second, I am standing beside the singular sane voice that will bring a complete shake-up, a cage-besting spirit if you will, to a department that for far too long has spewed both pablum and lack of high expectations for teachers and students alike. Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your hats and get ready to expect to be hearing a lot from Alabama and our next Secretary of Education: Frederick Hess.”