HELLO is Video Conferencing — The Way We Imagined it Could Be

It’s easy to forget how long people have dreamed of video calls. The Jetsons imagined a future where we talk with our friends and colleagues through the TV back in 1962, and they weren’t the first.

We’ve been waiting for video calls for the better part of a century! Now that they are finally a part of our every-day lives, though, they seem so uninspired. Closer to George Orwell than George Jetson.

This should be incredibly exciting, but current products just fall so far short of the potential we all know this technology has. Consumer-level solutions have awful video and audio quality, calls drop frequently, and features are extremely limited. Professional video conferencing systems are more robust, but they also cost more than a new car and require IT support for installation, networking, and maintenance.

HELLO gives you the best of both worlds, and then it gives you more. Here’s what you can expect:

1) Better Video Quality

We use a state-of-the-art 4k video sensor to give you a sharper picture in a variety of lighting environments, and it does this with a 130° field of vision so your whole team can be seen.

2.) Smart Audio

We engineered HELLO with an array of four microphones that can tell where in the room someone is speaking and focus on that person, maintaining a constant sound level.

3.) Effortless Setup

With little more than HDMI and Power cables, HELLO transforms your TV. It’s so easy to get started, you’ll wonder why other video conferencing systems aren’t this simple.

4.) Cross-platform compatibility

HELLO works seamlessly with apps on Android, iOS, OSX, Windows and Linux, so everyone can join the conversation and enjoy all of the call’s great features, regardless of the device they use.

5.) Team Calls

Get your team together, no matter where they are in the world. Team calls let you talk with several people and groups at the same time, while team joining lets you call a specific team’s HELLO-equipped TV.

6.) Voice Control

Take command with easy voice controls, and keep your hands free to be productive.

7.) Calls-to-go

Take your calls with you. Any call on HELLO can be transferred to your phone or back to HELLO, so you can stay in the meeting even when you’re on the move.

8) Support for Skype, Facebook Messenger, WebEx and Google Hangouts

If we reach our stretch goal of $300,000, HELLO will support calls for all of these applications. The advantage is simple, the wide camera lens and four microphones are all you need for a superior audio or video call.

HELLO does all of this for less than $200, making it the perfect blend of power and price.

Whether you’re stepping up from a built-in webcam, or trying to simplify your office, HELLO gives you more features, more control, and more convenience for a fraction of the price of the alternatives.

With all of this packed into one elegantly designed package…

Even George Jetson would be jealous.