A website costs as much as a car

Have you ever been asked “how much does it costs to make a website?” Just tell them “A website costs as much as a car.”

“Oh, OK! …wait, what kind of car?”


A “car” can be many things. A new sedan, a used 1987 station wagon, a Hummer limo, a highly tuned race car, and a top-of-the-line electric car with a 2-year lease are all possible examples. The cost of a car may range from a few hundred to several hundred thousand, sometimes a monthly fee or sometimes even free.

Websites are the same.

Based on the complexity, customization, attention to detail, and deadline, a site can span a huge range of prices. People often decide that they want or need a custom website without asking basic questions that help guide the process like “what is the goal of the site?” Quite often, their actual needs are very simple and generic solutions such as a Squarespace are perfectly adequate. When they need more, a custom website can provide a toolkit to address more specific business needs, but at a cost.

Hopefully this gives you a new way to respond to an oversimplified question with an oversimplified answer!