Greeting the sun, bright and early!

How I get to work on time: SPEED

As a night-owl developer, I naturally hate mornings! I am pretty awful at getting up and if I didn’t have two tiny children loudly at me starting at 6:45, I certainly would never wake up on time. I am slow and easily distracted and have a hard time focusing on getting out the door.

As a developer, I also love acronyms! That’s why I developed a simple mantra. SPEED*.

  • S is for Shower.
  • P is for Poop.
  • E is for Exercise.
  • E is for Eat.
  • D is for Dress.

These are the five things I’m allowed to do when I first wake up in the morning. If I haven’t done these things, I’m not allowed to look at my phone, clean the kitchen, or do anything else. I try to keep repeating “SPEED” to myself until it’s all done, then if there’s time left, I can futz around.

Perhaps repeating this mantra will help you in the mornings too!

*Most days it’s more like PESDE but that doesn’t sound as cool.