A better version of yourself….

Ever since i got engaged, i have indulged in a lot of thinking on the marriage institution. I asked myself questions and tried to find logical answers to them. The biggest question for me was Why? Why do people get married and more importantly, Why am I getting married? I needed to have a good reason that would keep me rooted to my decision. Finding out the various reasons why people get married was easy. All I had to do was spend some time with Professor Google and I got numerous reasons and some were quite entertaining too. Honestly, I always thought the number one reason why people say they get married would be because they are in love and can’t stand to be away from each other, Nope! Wrong! Go check it out, it is not, there are many other reasons why. That aside, my next step was to get my own reason for doing it. After months of thinking and assessing and more thinking, i got the answer and since i am a Christian girl brought up to understand importance of sharing with others, i will do just that.

My religion does not support divorce, separation under dire circumstances, yes, but no divorce and so we are advised to be as sure as can be before taking the plunge. This means that when i declare on that altar ‘for better or for worse, till death part us’, I am stating that i am stuck to this person no matter what. Now the more you get to know someone, the more you discover things about them that most times irk you to say the least. So by declaring your intentions of sticking with one person for the rest of your life, you state that no matter what they throw at you, you will not leave them. So, Why did God create the marriage institution? It’s purpose is to work on our character and make us better people. How? Marriage teaches us patience with another person’s faults. It teaches us teamwork and allows us to see the beautiful results of two different minds working together towards a common goal or the effects of two minds with a common goal trying to achieve them on their own. It teaches us to love someone even when we don’t feel very loving towards them, (how to love without feelings…? watch this space, coming soon).

In conclusion Marriage makes us more like God by helping us understand what it must be like for Him having to deal with our shortcomings and betrayals yet He can truthfully still say He loves us no less because of our imperfections. Marriage is a school that teaches us how to love…That is why I am getting married, I want to love someone else the same way God loves me…

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