The rule was simple — present your entire Ph.D. work in 3 minutes. “That’s crazy”, I thought. But I love a challenge. A few weeks later I did it in 2 minutes and 47 seconds. I was surprised at how much I was able to communicate in less than 3…

The journey of a CEO and Co-founder

“You are paying a hefty price — why are you doing this?”

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I sat at my new desk and I pondered how lucky I was to get this job. I had decided not to pursue a career in academia, and refused to under-sell myself for a low paying industry job…

Thoughts on how the pandemic will shape work and education

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I think many are over-exaggerating the permanent societal change that will take place post-Covid19. Many are predicting increased remote work and the death of the traditional office. Others are claiming online learning as the new pedagogical norm. …

Entrepreneurial Wisdom from Kahlil Gibran

This is the beginning of a series, where I hope to uncover entrepreneurial wisdom from literary passages written by renowned authors.

Today, we dig for entrepreneurial wisdom in Kahlil Gibran’s parable ‘The Eye’ found in his book, The Madman.

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“Said the Eye one day, “I see beyond these valleys a…

Almost three years in the startup world, especially in the deep-tech space, has been quite the roller coaster ride. It has also been packed with valuable experiences. In this article I will share some lessons learned along the way, which I hope will be useful for prospective tech entrepreneurs.

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Validation First


Make an Informed Decision.

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I don’t regret doing a PhD, but I do regret not having a clear sense of what I wanted to do next. I had vague ideas of ‘I will get an industry job after’, and ‘I will be graduating from a top ranking university, so I will be set’. I…

What is the goal of scientific research? Simply put, it is either discovery, understanding or innovation. Basic scientists are concerned with the first two, discovery and understanding, while applied scientists are focused on innovation. What is innovation then? it is the development and implementation of new products, services or processes…

A PhD is fertile grounds for a successful entrepreneur. Yes, yes, I hear you. You are not a “business person”. But wait a second, a lot of those business skills can be acquired. You might even have some of them already, hidden deep under that pile of publications. Ready to…

Mina Mekhail, PhD

A scientist entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and a flair for writing.

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