Try Hamo, Baggertooth Pick Conger, 鱧

It is called Hamo.

Parboiled Hamo with pickled plum paste.

I can say this is a symbol of summer posh dish.

Hamo sushi, SAKON

Hamo is daggertooth pick conger, one of the type of eel.

It is famous for one of what you can not miss in summer of Kyoto. Since old era, people in Kyoto has believed Hamo has vitality and people could accept the benefit by eating it.

Why you should try it in summer? Because, it puts on fat after rainy season, which is summer. And it means Hamo gets more tasty!

Hamo has hard bones, however.

Only some expert chefs are able to mince those bones. You have to choose a certain restaurant having those experts. Most of times, the restaurant would be superb one.

Well, I suggest to try once if you visit Japan.

Here is Hamo shabu shabu.

This is the video from one of Japanese restaurant in Kyoto shows cutting pick conger’s bone.

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