On Sighing…

As I entered the lift in my building I sighed.

The men in the lift commented ‘ that was a heavy sigh’

And I smiled

I feel we as a culture hear sighing as something negative or as a sound of burden.But when I sigh I am just sounding my bodies experience of that moment. Sometimes yes I feel an inner burden that I am not even aware of until I sigh. My sigh reminds me that to be alive often involves abstract ache, abstract heaviness or an inner longing that is my constant companion.

However I don't feel this as a 'negative’ thing.There is no negative.Only 'what is’

My sigh is my bodies way of staying connected to what it means to be human.

And that's ok.

Being able to sound it out…

Being able to be with my feeling inside the sigh…

Is a reminder that I am alive

Mina x