UpLevelling with Non — Linear Movement

It’s not easy to stay in your body.

Especially when you are trying to achieve in the world and make shit happen. I notice that when I’m in full on work mode, no matter my best efforts, my body gets used to that way of being and I turn into a robot.

The direct path that we use when responding to emails, completing the to do list, going from a to make b happen? Mostly needed in business for sure. But too much of that doesn’t make for a nice life.

I have less time to devote to cultivating connection in my relationship and start doing that crappy one word answer thing.

I forget to allow myself to play, my self care goes down the toilet, old injuries reappear, I start eating badly because I’m tired and my body is completely out of whack.

And sex? Umm 🙄

️The main thing I notice is that I start to separate myself from all that is sacred.

Wonder, pleasure, joy and deep connection can all be found there you see.But when you're in 'make it happen mode’ the lusciousness can seem very far off.

But learning to do all of the things you want to do, while being able to deeply inhabit your body and feel everything that's going on inside you?

Staying connected to yourself and your humanity. Your joy, pleasure, pain, intuition, sadness, longing and general compassionate awesome humanbeingness?

Non — Linear Movement is what helped me to reconnect to all of my juiciness, pleasure and deep joy.

It is the next level practice that teaches you how to be intimate with yourself, expand your bodies container for experiencing the full spectrum range of feeling and take you deeper into your human experience.

It's non imposing, unstructured, and asks you to listen deeply to what your body is wanting to reveal to you.When practiced over time the changes can be quite special indeed ✨✨✨

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