This is how you clean the Shaggy Rugs!

Rugs are the most beautiful thing that changes the look of the room entirely. Matching color, texture, and the theme of the room, all these things play an important role while choosing a rug. Shaggy rugs are the one that goes with any kind of room. But, cleaning them could be a bit difficult thing to do.

However, there are enormous ways to clean this rug that are listed here:

Vacuuming the Dirt Out

Vacuuming is the easiest and quickest way to clean the rug. You can vacuum the rug daily if you have children or pets, and monthly if it’s rarely played on or walked. Get started the cleaning by setting the cleaning head to the highest pile (if your vacuum has this option). After this, suction out the dirt thoroughly. Whether you have bought the shaggy rug from sale or spent a huge amount on the rug, it is preferable not to use the beater bar or power head on it.

The last step of cleaning the rug with a vacuum involves flipping its woven underneath and vacuums it. You can also use beater bar to remove more dirt, as well.

Steam Cleansing

You can use a steam-cleansing machine for this procedure. Whenever the rug becomes soiled or stained, nothing could be better than a steam-cleansing machine, hot tap water, and non-foaming carpet detergent. You can use a fan to blow dry the moisture. But, remember that shaggy rugs soak a lot of water and can stay wet for a long time. So, be patient and let the rug dry by taking the required time.

Dry Shampooing

Take a carpet-shampoo that is easy to absorb and sprinkle it on the rug. Use vacuums’ cleaning head bristles to gently rubbing and brushing the rug without tuning on the appliance. Now, let the shampoo set on the rug approximately for an hour or as indicated on the label. In the end, vacuum the granules out of the rug comprehensively. So, buy the best dry shampoo to clean your shaggy rugs today!

Dirt Loosening

This is the simplest and most basic cleaning technique for which you don’t have to buy any machine or other product. All you need to do is just hang the rug on the wall or sawhorse and beat it hard enough to loosen the trapped dust, dirt, and rubble. You use the side or bottom of the broom or any long yet strong stick to beat the rug. After finishing this, leave the rug in the sun for a couple of hours so that the sun’s hot rays kill the dust mites and the bacteria.

So, which one you’ll try the first?

The shaggy rugs are delicate and needed to be handled carefully. Use any suitable technique for your rug by considering all the precautions as well. However, cleaning a rug can be an easy process if bought from the famous and trusted place. Moreover, you can find a bulk of websites that offer the top class rugs online.

So, clean your rug today!