Tall, Dark, and Ugly


There’s this recurring nightmare
where tall, dark, and ugly, I am.
I’m not asleep and I’m not in my bed.
I’m looking down at my phone and realize
that I’ve been put down on the table by the bed
because the real deal walked into the room
And now, I won’t be used again for a long time
I know my batteries are Everready

Tall, dark, and ugly, I am
You lean against me, the lamppost
because you needed to vomit
to stand up
to be still and inert when you needed a hug
But let no current
flow through the hard post

Tall, dark, and delicious, I am
a blob of fat that melts into a rush
when you’re lonely
a blob of fat that you spit out
when you’re in love
because you now want to be healthy

Tall, dark, and a ten-fingered boost, I am
to lunge you over the wall
Your voice faded away quick
when you slept quietly in Handsome’s arms

This is the waking nightmare
where I was blind
and you had eagle eye’s vision
into this toddler
how to humor me, how to keep me fed
I’m tall, dark, and an only child
I am tall, dark, and the ugly child