Three’s Island

Mina Demian
Jan 14, 2016 · 1 min read

The height and breadth is enough for me
I have chains for veins, I’m alone in this galley
Home vanished three hundred miles ago
My sunny Spain dies there daily

The captain calls out that the island is nigh
He has chains for veins, he’s alone in this galley
There will be milk and honey on the island
my tomb and future

The judge back home slammed the gavel on her heart
He has chains for veins, he’s alone in this galley
My sunny Spain sentenced to glue together the shards and pieces
Before taken away, my last tears she used to seal shut her cell

The milk is sour, the honey is sandpaper at my throat
The judge gavels me, the captain howls, I pick at my chains all day
Sunny Spain dies at home, while I live life away from her
I have chains for veins, I’m kept company on this island

Mina Demian

Written by

Musician and artist. Twitter: @minademjan, Insta: @minadimyan.

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