Jacqueline Warehime

I like how your mind map was complex and a bit hectic. It shows that you weren’t trying to go in a specific direction, you were just putting down what came to mind. It’s cool how you also had some interconnected nodes from different spots.

I wish your product ideas had been more wacky or wild. Most of yours seemed like they could actually make a good product, and I know that the stress-jewelry thing has been done before. It would be fun to see like a godzilla repelling hat or something.

What if the shoes that see sketch could be expanded into a whole system. I really like the idea of localized collision sensors on the shoe, and then pairing that with a LIDAR system on a hat or chest strap could let a computer see the whole picture. The system could then warn of immediate collisions, but also help steer someone with vision disabilities in the longer distance too.

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