How To Make Rasabali / Rasabali Odia recipe / ଓଡ଼ିଆ ମିଠା ରସାବଳି

Ingredients to make Rasabali — ଓଡ଼ିଆ ମିଠା ରସାବଳି

Paneer 200 gm

1 litre milk 2–3 tbsp

Maida 2–3 tbsp

Suji Very few

Baking Soda 2 -3 tsp

powder 2–3

elaichi crushed

Oil for frying

Rasabali (Odia: ରସାବଳି ) is a sweet dish from Odisha, India. Rasabali is offered to Baladevjew, and originated in the Baladevjew Temple of Kendrapara. It is one of the Chapana bhoga of Jagannath temple.

It consists of deep fried flattened reddish brown patties of chhena (farmer cheese) that are soaked in thickened, sweetened milk (rabri). Flattening the chhena into palm-sized patties is done in order to allow them to absorb the milk more readily. The thickened milk is also usually lightly seasoned with crushed cardamoms.
Main ingredients: Chhena (Cottage cheese), Sweetened Milk